We’re experts at sales force optimization and effectiveness. We build, rebuild, fix, lead and motivate sales forces to dramatically improve measured results including doubling sales year to year and year after year. We deliver consistent revenue growth from business development, sales optimization and consulting in energy, healthcare and enterprise culture change.

In renewable energy: Sales effectiveness in construction, maintenance, C & I conservation and solar, generation, gas, geo-thermal, big wind and utility solar.

In Healthcare we helped our client repair, rejuvenate and expand C-Suite revenue relationships at Aetna, their flagship healthcare account.

In culture change, we’ve designed and implemented massive employee engagement programs that save money, improve morale and grow sales.

We apply our considerable resources to optimize your sales force while increasing sales effectiveness. If your product, service or project has value then it should sell. If it isn’t, we find what’s in the way and help you get rid of it...right away.

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  • The best way to predict the future is to create it.
    Abraham Lincoln

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We help our clients discover obstacles and remove barriers to their success.

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