Most often, our clients measure our success by their growth in sales. We deliver new customers, new revenue, new markets, larger current customers, better sales process.

We’re experts at sales force diagnostics, remediation and effectiveness. We build, rebuild, fix, lead and motivate sales forces to dramatically improve financial results including doubling sales year to year and year after year. We deliver consistent revenue growth from business development, sales optimization and consulting in renewable energy, healthcare, high-tech and enterprise culture change through employee engagement.

Some Examples:

  • Restructuring Strategies:
    Diagnosed then reorganized, revamped and transformed Nxegen’s sales force, resulting in 50% more targeted sales in year 1, 87% higher sales in year 2 and doubled sales volume in year 3.
  • Relationship Recovery:
    Re-established and revived C-level healthcare consulting and audit relationships throughout Aetna Healthcare Companies. We repaired and rebuilt PricewaterhouseCooper’s “crown jewel” healthcare relationship with Chairman, CEO and management team resulting in new seven-figure contracts.
  • Global Awareness:
    Dramatically expanded Consilient’s visibility from start-up to worldwide footprint in only 12 months; securing Fortune 500 accounts with IBM, GE and Aetna Healthcare.
  • Renewable Energy:
    We provide increased revenue and sales effectiveness in power generation, gas, geo-thermal, big wind and utility solar for companies like Doosan Fuel Cell, Signal Energy and American Wind Capital.
  • Doosan Fuel Cell America:
    Developed, sold and managed a $20 million deal for the U.S. Navy Resilient Energy Solutions Department utility-scale generation project. Beginning at SUBASE New London, the project hardens energy reliability for the Navy’s nuclear attack submarine fleet.
  • Culture Change:
    We design and implement massive employee engagement programs that save money, improve morale and grow sales. At one Property Casualty insurance company, we saved almost $50,000,000 in 12 weeks.

We apply our considerable resources to optimize your sales process. If your product, service or energy project has market value then it should sell. If it isn’t, we find what’s in the way, remove it and help you get on your way...right away.

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